Rolling Heads

Axially working, chip-free precision tool for superior finish threads

stationary rolling head


WAGNER stationary rolling head

rotary rolling head

WAGNER rotary rolling head

Working range

- threads 3 to 70 mm Ø

- threads 3 to 70 mm Ø
- cutting-in
Application areas- regular threads
- fine threads
- conical threads
- cylindrical threads
- pipe threads
- trapeze threads
- special threads
- left-hand and right-hand threads
Types- Axial heads RS10 to RS42/75
- RS60-5 with 5 thread rolls
- Axial heads RAR10-2 to RR42/75
- RR22 and RR42 for the rolling-in
  of profiles
Your benefits
- Large working areas realised through modular design
- Rotating and stationary models for use on lathes, machining centres,
  rotary indexing machines and special machines
- Machining of long threads
- Auto-opening for touch-free retraction
undefinedRolling threads with WAGNER® Rolling Heads RS16 (MPEG, 1.0 MB)
undefinedSmoothing with WAGNER® RS16 with closing device (MPEG, 0.9 MB)
undefinedTapering pipes with WAGNER® Rolling Heads RR22 (MPEG, 1.0 MB)

undefinedWAGNER® Axial Rolling Heads (PDF, 387 kB)