Thread Rolling Attachments

Tangentially working, chip-free precision tool for superior finish threads.

Thread rolling attachment 


Wagner Thread rolling attachment

Thread rolling attachment
in short built

Wagner Thread rolling attachment

Working range

- threads 1.6 to 68 mm Ø

Application areas- regular-pitch threads
- fine-pitch threads
- conical threads
- cylindrical threads
- special threads
- left-hand and right-hand threads
Types- B8-W - B36

- B14, B16, B19

Your benefits

- Large working area realised through the different adjustment options
- Long working-life thanks to the large rollers and the remarkable rigidity 
  of the tool body
- Extremely low maintenance


undefinedRolling threads with WAGNER® Rolling Attachment (MPEG, 0.9 MB)
undefinedKnurling with WAGNER® Rolling Attachment B13-W (MPEG, 1.0 MB)
undefinedBeading with WAGNER® Rolling Attachment B10-W (MPEG, 1.0 MB)

undefinedWAGNER® Thread Rolling Attachments (PDF, 445 kB)