Multi-Cutter Turning Heads

For reducing external diameters quickly and precisely

stationary four-cutter
turning head

Wagner stationary four-cutter turning head

rotary four-cutter
turning head


Wagner rotary four-cutter turning head

turning head  
Wagner three-cutter turning head
Turning range

- 2 to 30 mm Ø

- 2 to 30 mm Ø- 1 to 16 mm Ø
Materials- free cutting steel
- construction steel
- high alloy steel
- cast material
- non-ferrous metal
- plastic
- wood
Types- MSD 20
- MSD 30

- MSD 20R
- MSD 30R
- MSD 20Ri
- MSD 30Ri

- DSD 12
- DSD 16
Your benefits- Tremendous cutting performance is realised thanks to the 3 to 4 times
  faster advance rate
- Centralised diameter adjusting
- Very high turning accuracies can be realised (0.01 to 0.02 over the
- Perfect surfaces thanks to the cut-lifting function that is activated by the
  opening process (MSD)
- DIN-ISO carbide inserts or WAGNER® precision carbide inserts can be

undefinedReducing diameters with WAGNER® multi-cutter turning heads (MPEG, 1.2 MB)

undefinedDetermination of WAGNER® multi-cutter turning heads (MSD/DSD) (PDF, 73 kB)

undefinedWAGNER® multi-cutter turning heads (PDF, 291 kB)