WAGNER® tools - how it all began...

WAGNER® can look back on a long tradition, right back to the originator of the company's name: Gustav Wagner.

Gustav Wagner (1861 - 1919)

The pioneer


Gustav Wagner was born in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany


Mechanics apprenticeship in Reutlingen, Germany


Travelled to Vienna, Austria, and New York, USA. These trips deeply influenced his ideas and actions

The founding years


Started production using machines that he had designed himself in an outhouse in Metzingen, Germany


1st patent granted for a "centering and milling machine"


Registered in the commercial register and moved to Reutlingen, Germany


Successful breakthrough thanks to the cold saws being faster than the competitors';
A thread cutting head was introduced as an advanced development of the centering head.

His life's work

At the time of his death in Reutlingen in 1919, Gustav Wagner held a total of 66 patents as well as 45 utility models. Gustav Wagner was always one step ahead. Whether it was in the development of his machines or choosing the materials to use for his toolpieces, optimising the working and living conditions for his employees or planning the company's future development: the best and the most up-to-date was just good enough. His employees greatly admired his social commitment.

The successors

New toolpieces and machines were developed under the management of his sons, grandsons and great-grandsons. Since 1994, Wagner thread cutting heads, thread rolling heads and thread rolling attachments have been produced in Pliezhausen in Gustav Wagner's same well-proven, sturdy and robust premium quality since then. 

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